Laguna Hills drunk driving dangers

A total of 54 people died in Orange County in 2013 due to drunk drivers. Only four other California counties lost more lives in drunk driving accidents.

The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependency, Inc. reports that April is Alcohol Awareness Month. This designation gives Laguna Hills resident a good reason to revisit the true risk that drunk drivers pose to everyone.

Part of the sad reality of drunk driving is the fact that people have alternatives to driving after drinking. A recent story in an issue of LA Weekly reported on a new app that can send a driver to pick up both a person and their vehicle after having too much alcohol. The app is called Be My Designated Driver or BeMyDD and could be one way that accidents causing serious physical injures can be avoided.

Southern California and drunk driving

In looking at statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, one can see that Southern California leads the state in drunk driving fatalities. Data from 2013 shows the following:

  • In Los Angeles County, 174 people died in drunk driving accidents.
  • In Riverside County, 84 people died in drunk driving accidents.
  • In San Bernardino County, 71 people died in drunk driving accidents.
  • In San Diego County, 57 people died in drunk driving accidents.
  • In Orange County, 54 people died in drunk driving accidents.

Across all of California, 867 people died in motor vehicle accidents involving alcohol in 2013.

News stories highlight the danger

Scanning news headlines shows the true frequency with which drunk driving accidents happen in Southern California. Some recent stories include:

  • A 22-year old man with a BAC level of 0.20 percent caused an accident that has left an 18-year old male in serious condition and in a long-term care facility according to the San Gabriel Valley Tribune.
  • A man has been charged with vehicular manslaughter for his role in an accident that claimed the life of a 68-year old man. The story noted that the drunk driver moved into oncoming traffic lanes.
  • The Orange County Register provided information about a 22-year old woman currently held on a $100,000 bail after being charged with gross vehicular manslaughter. Her negligence caused a rear-end collision in which a 34-year old man died and a 36-year old man sustained serious head trauma.

People in Laguna Hills clearly face serious risks on the roads every day when people make the poor choice to drink and drive.

Anyone who is involved in a drunk driving accident should contact an attorney for help. This is good advice also for those people who have lost family members to drunk drivers.

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