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Sometimes, a doctor's worst mistake is not what he or she does, but what he or she fails to do.

When a medical provider's failure to diagnose a serious disease or condition results in a worse prognosis, the choice of a lawyer can determine whether an individual obtains the necessary financial relief to compensate for his or her increased medical expenses as well as pain and suffering. At the Law Offices of David P. Crandall, we have two experienced attorneys who combine exceptional skill in litigating medical malpractice cases with the type of individual attention that injury victims and their families should expect from a law firm. With our unique approach combining the best aspects of large and boutique practices, we are redefining the small-firm experience for our California clients.

Our firm reached a $500,000 settlement for a client whose lung cancer went undiagnosed despite repeated doctor's visits and health screenings. By the time it was eventually detected, the client had stage IV metastatic lung cancer. If you believe your health provider has incorrectly diagnosed a medical condition or failed to diagnose an illness, call 800-577-8006 for a free case evaluation with an experienced lawyer.

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Misdiagnosis and failure to diagnose claims require the ability to work with extensive medical records and obtain proper, independent medical evaluations to determine the role that negligence played in a client's condition or illness.

We routinely handle complex medical malpractice claims, and although many cases are resolved through a private settlement, our Orange County misdiagnosis attorneys have both the experience and commitment to litigate cases fully either in arbitration or trial and obtain the maximum compensation for a client.

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We offer a confidential and free consultation so that you do not have to wonder whether you have a legal claim for your injuries. Contact the Law Offices of David P. Crandall today: Email our office or call 949-345-1628, toll free 800-577-8006.