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I think I may be a victim of medical malpractice - What can I do?

If you have been injured while under the care of a physician or healthcare provider, we understand the financial burden of medical bills is only part of the story. Many victims in California continue to suffer both physical and emotionally. While every incident is different, if you feel unsure about whether your injury qualifies for a medical malpractice claim, there are some important aspects to consider.

Within the medical community, certain medical treatments for injuries, diseases or other ailments are considered acceptable and appropriate. While this may vary from patient to patient depending on personal factors, if a healthcare worker deviates from these accepted practices, then he or she may have violated the standard of care. This standard of care is intended to protect patients from receiving substandard or inappropriate care. 

Recently linked to melanoma, Viagra may be a defective drug

While many men in California may have benefited from Viagra, a prescription medication used to treat erectile dysfunction, research has revealed that it may have a deadly side effect. Melanoma, a deadly skin cancer, has been linked to Viagra use. Men who have taken Viagra and then were later diagnosed with melanoma may have a strong platform for a product liability claim against Pfizer Inc., the manufacturer of the potentially defective drug

Although Viagra was approved for use in 1998 by the Food and Drug Administration, research published in a popular medical journal demonstrated a significant link between the drug and melanoma. In fact, men who used Viagra or medications with similar components were nearly 85 percent more likely to develop melanoma than men who did not use it. However, long-term use of the drug was not necessary for the increased risk. Men who took Viagra only once were also at an increased risk. 

1 woman killed in car accident, others injured

A wreck on the shoulder of a California freeway involved multiple vehicles and injuries. Sadly, one person was also killed in the car accident. It is unclear whether the driver that caused the wreck is facing any charges yet.

Shortly before 2 p.m., two pickup trucks that had been traveling together pulled over to the shoulder of 5 Freeway. Part of the group exited the vehicles in order to inspect the ties that they had used to secure a boat and multiple motorcycles. As they were checking everything, the 24-year-old driver of an SUV drifted out of his lane and onto the shoulder, where he struck a female who was standing behind the rear vehicle.

Pursuing a civil claim for nursing home neglect

Nursing homes are often chosen for a parent or grandparent in the hope and expectation that they will be well cared for. Sadly, this is not always the case, and older individuals are sometimes subjected to serious neglect or abuse that can cause both physical and emotional harm. California families who suspect that their loved one may be the victim of nursing home neglect retain the legal right to pursue a civil claim against the nursing home.

For the nursing home to be held liable, a victim or their family must first prove that the duty of care that was owed to the victim was breached. This could be a nurse that did not use the proper treatment concerning a patient, but may also be a failure to maintain the nursing home facility. Secondly, the standard of care must have been violated with respect to the victim.

Son files medical malpractice suit over mother's death

A woman outside the state of California died after allegedly being prescribed multiple medications that did not follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Her son is pursuing a medical malpractice claim on her behalf both against the prescribing doctor as well as the pain clinic that he worked for. His suit is seeking compensation on both his and his mother’s behalf.

The woman first went to the pain clinic in March 2012, where she met with the doctor in question and reported issues with pain. After that initial visit, her son claims that she was prescribed 13 medications, including highly addictive painkillers like OxyContin. In total, she was prescribed over 900 pills from her various medications.

Woman may have been high during serious auto accident

Sadly, a California man died after another vehicle apparently ran a red light recently. The serious auto accident involved multiple vehicles and also caused substantial injuries for half a dozen people. Police suspect that the driver who they believe ran the red light may have been driving while under the influence.

At almost 7 a.m. on a recent Thursday, the victim reportedly entered into an intersection while he had the green light. At the same time, a northbound sports utility vehicle allegedly failed to yield the right of way and proceeded into the intersection while the light was still red. The driver that is accused of running the red light apparently struck the victim’s vehicle with such force that both vehicles were knocked into three others that were stopped for the red light.

Alleged drunk driver caused serious auto accident with ambulance

Three California individuals charged with helping those who have been injured were recently in need of help of their own assistance after a recent car wreck. A serious auto accident occurred after a driver is believed to have struck an ambulance while proceeding through an intersection. The driver has since been arrested and is currently being held on bail.

There were three EMTs riding in the ambulance at the time of the wreck. Although it is unclear who exactly had the right-of-way in the intersection, the ambulance was hit by what police believe to have been a drunk driver. All three of the EMTs as well as the driver that caused the wreck were injured in the accident.

Increased risk of cancer linked to apparent defective drug

For many women in California, birth control pills may be an everyday aspect of their healthcare maintenance. For some, this may be to prevent pregnancy, while others may take a daily pill to help control otherwise erratic menstrual cycles. However, that daily pill that so many women take may actually be a defective drug.

A study has presented new evidence that the popular birth control may actually increase a woman’s chance of having breast cancer. In order to determine the exact data, researchers studied the medical records of over 1,000 women were suffering from breast cancer. They were able to determine what birth control pills the women took, and what the estrogen levels of those pills were.

Nursing home neglect may have caused woman's heart attack

While many California children may wish to care for their parents as they age, this is not always a realistic option for those involved. Whether because of financial, time or healthcare restraints, nursing homes can provide a safe and adequate alternative for care. Sadly, nursing home neglect can be a devastating reality for some residents and their families, who were simply hoping for the best care for their loved one.

In Sept. 2012, a 72-year-old woman who had recently suffered from pneumonia was transferred to a nursing home for rehabilitation. She was put into the ventilator unit and, as ordered by her doctor, was supposed to be hooked up to a ventilator while she slept at night. According to her family, this order was ignored.

Truck accident kills 1, causes serious injuries for others

Navigating around 18-wheelers and other traffic can sometimes be difficult when traffic is at its finest, but when another vehicle makes a mistake, the results can be tragic. A recent truck accident involving multiple vehicles caused serious injuries and, sadly, one death. With the aid of eyewitness testimony, California police are continuing to investigate the initial cause of the wreck.

The wreck occurred shortly before 8 a.m. on Highway 17. Apparently, an 18-wheeler that may have been transporting gravel jackknifed across the highway, setting off a chaotic chain of accidents. The victim, unable to stop in time, collided with the stopped 18-wheeler and was thrown at least partially from his vehicle.