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Orange County Wrongful Death Law Blog

California truck accidents can be deadly

A couple that recently became engaged won't ever have the opportunity to go dress shopping, rent tuxedos or say their vows before family and loved ones. The California couple was aboard a bus that was struck by a FedEx truck, and the resulting accident caused fatalities. So far, 10 people have been reported as deceased from the incident, demonstrating how dangerous truck accidents can be.

A bus carrying both first-generation and low-income college hopefuls, as well as their adult chaperones and mentors, didn't make it to its destination. Instead of safely delivering the students for a brief preview of college and its atmosphere, the bus was hit by a FedEx 18-wheeler. Apparently, the FedEx truck may have been on fire before the accident occurred.

Grandmother froze to death, family files medical malpractice suit

Determining whether a patient is actually dead might not appear to be a matter that is easily mishandled. However, the California family of a woman who was apparently not deceased when she was brought to the morgue claims that is exactly what happened. Although there were some roadblocks while initially filing the suit, the family is now moving forward with a medical malpractice claim concerning what they say was the woman's wrongful death.

The victim was an 80-year-old woman and a grandmother with dozens of grandchildren. Back in 2010, doctors claimed that she had died as a result of a heart attack. From that point, she was placed in a body bag, transported to a morgue and left in a refrigerated drawer for several days. What morgue workers found when they removed the woman's body may have shocked them.

Pedestrian killed in California highway car accident

When a pedestrian is hit and killed by a vehicle in California, the individual's family members usually are caught off guard. Understandably, the situation is devastating, both physically and emotionally, for surviving loved ones. They especially may feel angry if the person who is believed to have caused the accident was speeding or engaging in some other form of careless behavior. One family is in this scenario following a tragic car accident involving a pedestrian in California.

This incident occurred on Interstate Highway 880. It started when a 26-year-old pedestrian was walking away from a vehicle collision. This particular collision occurred when a car was blocking the highway's middle lanes.

California families may have help for victims of truck accidents

Southbound I-5 in Orange County was shut down for several hours after a fatal accident claimed the life of one man. Although the driver that appears to have caused the accident was not severely injured, he reportedly caused significant damage to several vehicles and even sparked a fire. Truck accidents such as this can often cause serious and catastrophic damage. In this California wreck, that damage cost a man his life.

Around 1 p.m., police showed up to the scene of that serious accident. What they found was a pickup truck engulfed in flames and a wrecked lumber truck. Apparently, things went wrong when the lumber truck ran into the back of the pickup. The pickup truck -- an old model from 1984 -- was towing an even older vehicle behind it at the time of the accident.

Hip replacement fingered as a serious defective medical device

Hip replacement can sometimes appear to be a relatively common surgical procedure. Although many California patients undergo an operation for such a replacement every year, some may still be unaware of a defective medical device that caused significant pain and injury to some who received it. DePuy -- a company owned by Johnson & Johnson -- has recently offered a settlement in a class-action lawsuit concerning the company's hip implant.

The implant in question is DePuy's metal-on-metal implant. Some say that the faulty hip implant may be one of the most flawed devices ever. A video accompanying a media report explains that, after surgery to implant the metal-on-metal hip replacement, people across the globe began experiencing significant levels of pain and trouble with their new implant.

Nursing home neglect complaints closed early by health officials

Entrusting the care of a loved one to a nursing home can be a tremendously difficult decision for some people to make. It is generally expected that a parent or grandparent will be well-cared for to the best of a facility's ability, but sometimes issues of nursing home neglect or abuse arise. In these instances, some individuals choose to file a complaint with health officials. Recently, it was revealed that one California agency was closing down reports of abuse without adequately addressing the complaints.

Apparently, a California county that was under contract with both federal and local officials was responsible for the closing of complaints for about eighteen months. State law dictates that an investigation into nursing home complaints must begin within 10 days of the complaint. That time period is shortened to 24 hours if it is believed that harm or death may be the result of any reported neglect or abuse. However, health officials report that they have thousands of cases that date back to the early 2000s.

Multi-vehicle car accident ends with 1 Marine killed

An unfortunate series of accidents may have been the cause of a U.S. Marine's death. A multi-vehicle car accident can be a frightening ordeal, but many may expect for injuries to occur when being struck rather than afterward. In this instance, California police are still investigating the exact cause of the Marine's death.

It is still not known why a woman lost control of her vehicle while traveling westbound on I-8. She ended up hitting a barrier, and her vehicle eventually came to a stop in the center of the interstate. Shortly afterward, three other cars crashed into her vehicle.

Car accident leaves California man without wife and children

Tragedy struck a small community when one motorist ran a stop sign. California residents are still struggling to come to terms with the car accident that rocked their community and resulted in the death of five people. The youngest that was killed was only one-year-old.

A mother was traveling with her four children when a 41-year-old woman blew through a stop sign and plowed into her vehicle. Witnesses report that her SUV erupted into flames pretty much immediately, and they quickly engulfed the entire vehicle. Nearby residents say it sounded like an explosion, and they rushed outside to help.

$100 million settlement proposed for defective drug NuvaRing

Hormonal birth control has become a normal aspect of many women's lives in the United States. A mounting class action lawsuit claims that at least one form of birth control is not as safe as it has been touted to be. This action is being fueled by women who used the popular birth control NuvaRing. California residents involved in the suit might be pleased with the settlement that Merck has brought to the table in relation to the alleged defective drug.

Merck acquired the company that owned NuvaRing and all of its lawsuits in 2009. The NuvaRing, which is a form of birth control that is inserted vaginally for three weeks at a time, is alleged to yield a higher risk for clots than the company had previously admitted to. Due to the combination of estrogen and progestin, the birth control supposedly puts users at a significantly higher risk for clots than users of less risky forms of hormonal birth control. Those affected by the NuvaRing claim that they were never warned of an especially increased risk.

Alleged nursing home neglect leads to fatal choking incident

Having a parent or loved one in the care of a nursing home isn't always easy. Often times there can be worry about the standard of care or attention that is being given to aging loved ones. Nursing home neglect can sometimes be subtle or difficult to detect, but the results can be truly devastating. A California owned nursing home recently paid thousands of dollars in fines related to the death of one of their residents.

Granger Nursing & Rehabilitation Center paid almost $9,000 worth of fines related to one of their resident's death. This resident in particular was diagnosed with problems swallowing, and in particular was supposed to avoid bread. Despite the no-bread order, records show that he was given a sandwich to eat for dinner anyway. The man proceeded to choke on the sandwich that had been provided to him.