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Orange County Wrongful Death Law Blog

Will ADHD diagnoses lead to medical malpractice suits?

There is some controversy in the medical community about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Some critics argue that the illness is overdiagnosed, and that some children who are diagnosed with it actually do not and should instead be considered gifted. The medicines prescribed to individuals with ADHD have been shown to be addictive and lead to permanent changes in the brain. Will some California doctors then be charged with medical malpractice if a non-ADHD child becomes addicted to ADHD drugs? 

Parallels exist between the gifted designation and the diagnosis of ADHD. Both types of children can be bored, lack focus, have high energy and have problems with authority figures, but the issues of the gifted child are due to a lack of attention to their needs. With increased stimulation, the gifted child may adapt very well. An ADHD child will not be able to focus or adapt well to social situations with the same type of enriched intellectual environment as the gifted child. In such a case, medication may be required. 

Car accident in Orange County kills California man

One person has lost his life allegedly due to the reckless practice of street racing, and one family is mourning the loss of a loved one due to the early morning collision. The tragic car accident occurred in Orange County on July 30. A recent news story gives more details about the sad event. 

The incident happened at approximately 3:15 a.m. as a young father was pulling into his driveway at home as his pregnant wife and young child awaited his return. The driver of another car was speeding and lost control, causing his vehicle to drive into oncoming traffic and later strike the man's vehicle as he was returning home. The speeding car flipped after striking the man's vehicle and both cars came to rest in the lawn of the apartment building. 

California family seeks medical malpractice suit for daughter

A sensational case calling for the reversal of a death certificate has a family in conflict with the medical community. The parents of a California teen ruled brain dead are looking to have that judgment reversed to help with their medical malpractice case. Representatives of the hospital that allegedly contributed to her injury say that the woman's claims are not based in reality. A recent news story gives more details about the teen and her case.

The teen was declared brain dead over three years ago after a tonsillectomy gone wrong. She was declared dead by a coroner and remains in a vegetative state. The family contests the conclusion of brain death, and wants to have the death certificate reversed.

2 people killed in California car accident

Driving in the early morning hours can be treacherous. Along with decreased visibility, there is also the concern about increased numbers of impaired drivers on the road. Many people leaving a party may not recognize their level of impairment. Still others may take for granted that there are less people on the road and feel more comfortable driving at high rates of speed, potentially endangering other drivers. A recent car accident in California leaves authorities still investigating the cause of an early morning crash. 

The incident occurred at the freeway transition between the northbound 55 freeway to the westbound 22.  The crash was reported just before 2 a.m., according the the California Highway Patrol. The accident, which resulted in entrapment in a burning vehicle, caused the death of two individuals. 

Woman files wrongful death lawsuit against California hospital

Most people find that their relationships with their loved ones are among the most important things in their lives. When such a relationship is cut short by the negligence of a medical professional, it is devastating. The surviving family is then deprived of the companionship and support of their irreplaceable loved one. In a recent news story, one California woman is facing this experience. She has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against a hospital that she alleges caused the wrongful death of her husband. 

The man had gone into a medical center for a partial nephrectomy, the medical term for kidney removal surgery. After the surgery, the man developed a saddle embolus, or blood clot, that the woman claims came from the negligence of the medical staff. Due to the saddle embolus, he died from a bilateral pulmonary embolism three days later. 

Serious auto accident in California kills 2

Two children are left without their mother following a recent rollover on a highway. The serious auto accident in California claimed the lives or two people, a woman and her boyfriend, and has left the remaining family with questions about exactly what happened. A recent news story gives details of this tragic event that has family members asking, what happened? 

Two out-of-state travelers had arrived in California on vacation. For unknown reasons, the driver lost control of the vehicle when she turned right. The vehicle rolled over several times and crashed into an embankment. The victim's sister has reported that the case has turned criminal, although few details and no other witnesses were left at the scene. The family has stated that they still have not seen the police report. 

Was wife of California actor a victim of medical malpractice?

A trip to the emergency room is an anxiety-filled time, and one hopes that the medical issue involved will be resolved by the team of doctors and nurses met there. Unfortunately, ERs are busy places, attending physicians are often generalists and sometimes  a patient is misdiagnosed. This typically constitutes grounds for a medical malpractice claim. Recently, Anne Wheaton, wife of California actor Wil Wheaton (of "Star Wars: The Next Generation," "Stand By Me" and "The Big Bang Theory" fame), ran into a misdiagnosis issue in an ER, and she is telling her story to raise awareness and help keep it from happening to other women like her. 

In early June, Anne experienced pain in her right side, pelvis and torso. She visited an emergency room where the physician diagnosed her with a kidney stone. She was given medication and was sent home to pass the stone. Days later, she was still experiencing extreme pain. Much later, she was diagnosed with ovarian torsion, a twisting of the ovary, after the ovary had died and had to be removed. 

Road rage truck accidents on the rise in California

Aggressive driving accidents are unfortunately on the rise. Serious car and truck accidents are being caused when drivers lose their tempers on the road. Recently, one man is recovering from injuries suffered in a motor vehicle accident on the California highway.

A passenger in another car caught the incident on video when he saw a road rage incident increase in intensity. In the recorded video, viewers can see the driver of a motorcycle kick the side of a car. The car then swerved and hit a cement divider, and was flung out into another lanes where it collided with a truck. The truck flipped, and the driver of the truck was injured. 

Innovations can lower medical malpractice in California hospitals

Making patients safer is the end goal of many new technologies being rolled out in the medical industry. One technology in particular has already improved outcomes in a California hospital. Future-thinking technologies, once accepted, have the ability to reduce patient deaths and medical malpractice claims. Until then, injured patients may need to seek help seeking damages. 

A recent study tells us that medical malpractice injuries cause the deaths of 1,000 people per day in the United States. With numbers like that, it's no surprise that doctors and medical teams are looking for ways to innovate and improve those numbers. By incorporating technologies such as 3D printing, virtual reality and augmented reality, doctors will be able to better serve their patients. 

Car accident kills one, injures others in California

Summertime brings warmer weather and more traffic on the road. Troubles can be experienced by drivers on the roads and highways due to increased usage of state highways. Authorities are frequently responding to crash sites to control the scene and aid the injured. When such events result in injuries and even death, the effects on individuals and families can be long lasting. A recent news story shares the story of a car accident in California left one man dead and others injured

According to authorities, the accident took place around 5 a.m. The incident occurred on the 215 Freeway in San Bernadino. Six cars were involved in the pileup, closing all northbound lanes of traffic. One of the cars burst into flames during the accident.