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Innovations can lower medical malpractice in California hospitals

Making patients safer is the end goal of many new technologies being rolled out in the medical industry. One technology in particular has already improved outcomes in a California hospital. Future-thinking technologies, once accepted, have the ability to reduce patient deaths and medical malpractice claims. Until then, injured patients may need to seek help seeking damages. 

A recent study tells us that medical malpractice injuries cause the deaths of 1,000 people per day in the United States. With numbers like that, it's no surprise that doctors and medical teams are looking for ways to innovate and improve those numbers. By incorporating technologies such as 3D printing, virtual reality and augmented reality, doctors will be able to better serve their patients. 

Car accident kills one, injures others in California

Summertime brings warmer weather and more traffic on the road. Troubles can be experienced by drivers on the roads and highways due to increased usage of state highways. Authorities are frequently responding to crash sites to control the scene and aid the injured. When such events result in injuries and even death, the effects on individuals and families can be long lasting. A recent news story shares the story of a car accident in California left one man dead and others injured

According to authorities, the accident took place around 5 a.m. The incident occurred on the 215 Freeway in San Bernadino. Six cars were involved in the pileup, closing all northbound lanes of traffic. One of the cars burst into flames during the accident. 

Medical malpractice cases put California doc in top one percent

Some childless couples are willing to pay large sums of money and endure great hardships in order to conceive a child. Fertility clinics compete for business with one another and advertise huge success rates. Some researchers and experts claim that high rates of success for IVF clinics can be artificially inflated and failures obscured. A recent news story tells the tale of one California fertility doctor whose high number of malpractice cases has put him in the top one percent of physicians paying out for medical malpractice and has called his whole practice into question. 

One couple's experience with the doctor led to what they claimed was an unwanted termination of pregnancy. It was revealed that the woman was implanted with defective embryos from another patient instead of her own healthy embryos. When the mistake was discovered by the doctor's staff, the doctor called the couple in for an appointment and terminated the pregnancy without informing the couple, they alleged. 

California Memorial Day truck accidents kill at least 2 people

Memorial Day weekend brings a higher-than-average number of people out onto the roads, thereby increasing the chances of meeting with misfortune. Truck accidents, serious car accidents and serious injuries are sometimes the unfortunate consequences associated with careless driving. An example of this is shown in a recent sad event in California that led to the deaths of two young people over the holiday weekend. 

On May 29, a truck carrying seven people collided with a minvan around 8 a.m. Police say that the truck, carrying seven people all in their late teens or early 20s, was speeding when it clipped the minivan. The impact caused the truck driver to lose control.The vehicle rolled over and hit a tree before coming to rest. 

California court overturns medical malpractice ruling

Malpractice can sometimes mean that a physician did not meet a sufficient standard of care. Physicians are bound by standardized practices and procedures that must be followed in every case in order to provide the best outcomes for a patient. Recently, a California man with cerebral palsy sued his physicians for medical malpractice and won, but the case was overturned in the appeals court and returned to the trial court to reconsider the amount of the damages awarded.

A man sued a county health service provider for damages related to brain injuries suffered during birth. The health service provider countered that the injuries to the man were already present in utero, and the brain injuries could not have been avoided. Thirteen additional health service providers were also sued by the man and his family. 

California car accident injures 3

Serious car accidents can leave an imprint on lives that last a lifetime. Severe injuries, emotional suffering and even death can result from a car accident that seems to happen in the blink of an eye. Sometimes, a car accident occurs due to the negligence of another driver, causing unnecessary harm to drivers and passengers alike. Recently, a car accident in California injured three people in the early morning hours on Mother's Day. 

Just before 3 a.m. on Sunday, May 14, two cars collided in Orange County, causing police and fire authorities to respond. A male driver of one of the cars became trapped. Due to the entrapment, it took firefighters 25 minutes to extract the man. He was flown to UCI Medical's trauma center for treatment. 

Medical malpractice claim costs California health provider big

When an injured person seeks medical treatment, he or she expects to promptly receive the required care in order to be quickly restored to health. It is the responsibility of a health care provider to direct injured individuals to the proper physicians who are both in-network and trained in the required specialty. A health care provider based in California was recently ordered to pay an injured man whose necessary treatment was delayed due to medical malpractice.

A California man filed lawsuit against his health care provider, claiming that they did not not treat his broken hand in a timely manner. The man fell while he was working as a freelance sports photographer in another state. An ER doctor referred the man to an orthopedic surgeon for surgery the next day, but the surgeon refused his medical insurance. Many other delays occurred, due to his health agency referring him to doctors that were either not hand specialists or who were out-of-network. 

Serious auto accident in California leaves 1 dead, 1 arrested

People rely on transportation everyday to get where they are going with barely a second thought about danger. News of a serious auto accident can bring that reality very close by revealing the possible deadly consequences of drunk driving. A recent incident in California highlighting this issue has left one dead and put one other person in custody. 

A deadly crash closed three lanes of the 405 Freeway on the morning of Saturday, April 29. One of the cars involved had burst into flames following the 3:30 a.m. crash. A driver of one of the cars was taken into custody, and another person was pronounced dead at the scene. 

Medical malpractice: 4 hospitals fined for substandard care

Medical patients depend on hospitals and staff for proper care when they are in vulnerable and precarious states of health. If hospitals fall short, mistakes lead to more serious or even fatal injuries and, typically, medical malpractice lawsuits. A hospital should be the bastion of safety that injured people can turn to for trusted help. When those same injured people are neglected or improperly cared for, the consequences can be life-changing. Recent events in California demonstrate the upsetting consequences of neglectful medical care. 

Four Bay Area hospitals were recently fined nearly half a million dollars for improper care. Six fines were issued by the California Department of Health in total. Napa's Queen of the Valley Medical Center received three fines totaling $225,000. One patient slipped into a persistent vegetative state as a result of nursing staff's failure to perform ongoing assessments of the person's condition. Another patient died as a result of the nursing staff's failure to provide heart and breathing monitoring as well as breathing assistance. 

Young boy dies after rear-end car accident in California

A parent should never be forced to endure the loss of a child on account of the negligence of another party. Such unexpected events are tragic in nature, often leaving parents to experience periods of extreme emotional suffering. A recent car accident in California claimed the life of an 11-year-old boy after his car was struck from behind.

According to the California Highway Patrol, a vehicle was travelling southbound just before 5 p.m. when it suddenly struck another vehicle from behind. The other vehicle was stopped in traffic at the time, and a young boy inside was rushed to the hospital, where he was later pronounced dead. There were two other people inside the vehicle at the time, both of whom apparently suffered only minor injuries.