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September 2013 Archives

Johnson & Johnson adds 2 more drugs to list of defective products

A couple of weeks ago, we discussed faulty hip and knee replacements and how Consumer Reports is calling for medical device warranties. One such company that could provide those warranties is Johnson & Johnson. But the pharmaceutical and medical giant hasn't exactly been at the top of its game lately.

Motorcyclist in Seal Beach seriously injured in hit-and-run crash

With any kind of auto accident -- whether it involves a truck, SUV or a car -- there is the potential for serious injury. Motorcycle accidents, however, are especially dangerous, given the lack of protection for riders. Drivers of larger vehicles often fail to see motorcyclists, and the consequences can be devastating.

Consumer Reports: Medical implants should come with warranties

In the last decade, roughly 750,000 people in the United States received metal-on-metal hip implants. At first these devices were expected to be more durable than plastic and ceramic implants, but that simply wasn't the case.

New system helps prevent medication errors, but not enough

We established this blog to discuss injury-related issues that may be of interest to people in Orange County, and a large part of our law practice is devoted to helping clients who have been injured by misdiagnosis, failure to diagnose, defective medical devices and medication errors. These mistakes can cause severe injury and death, and victims of medical malpractice should be aware of their legal options in the wake of a medical error.