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Nursing home neglect is a serious issue for elderly

It is no secret that old age waits for those who live long enough to see it. As people grow older in California, they are faced with new realities that they may not have had to deal with in their youth. Many times, family members and friends must be involved in decision-making for older parents or relatives. Many of these decisions revolve around the specialized care that most people require as they get older. As a family considers nursing homes, they may want to consider doing enough research in order to protect their family member from nursing home neglect.

A nursing home or long-term care facility is often a viable option for families who can not take care of elderly loved ones. This is usually a difficult decision for families to make, as they must trust someone outside of the family to provide a level of care that they are comfortable with. Payment levels are usually tied to levels of care, and this can make the decision even more difficult for families wanting to safeguard their loved ones from neglect.

According to a recent study, over one million adults receive some type of care in approximately 31,000 assisted living situations across the country, and those numbers do not include people living in nursing homes or being cared for at home. These assisted living homes provide a variety of care, ranging from meal preparation to medication management. California alone has 150,000 of its residents currently living in resident care facilities.

According to a media report, most families do not research long-term care facilities for their family member until the situation is critical. Families face a daunting task when deciding what is the best situation for their loved one. For those who choose to place their family member in a nursing home, nursing home neglect is a serious issue that should be researched prior to placement. If neglect is suspected, it may be necessary to consider all available options in order to get the necessary treatment that a loved one deserves. In many cases, a family may have the right to file a claim against the facility for financial restitution, which can help with expenses that resulted from their loved one's neglect.

Source: The Sacramento Bee, Many questions, few answers for families in elder care crisis, Anita Creamer, Nov. 13, 2013

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