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California surgeon to face medical malpractice claim after botch?

Today, everyone wants to stay young and youthful. With so many plastic surgery options available, many people can achieve this goal, even into their elder years. Unfortunately, the world of plastic surgery has become riddled with skepticism as medical malpractice claims spark uncertainty into the eyes of many California residents. Recently, a California plastic surgeon has been punished after the state medical board deemed his actions negligent and inappropriate.

The East Bay plastic surgeon was accused of gross negligence after he operated on an elderly man without taking the proper steps to ensure that his patient's healthcare was a priority. Due to having dementia and other illnesses, the elderly patient nearly lost his life due to complications of a face-lift. What was supposed to be a routine operation led to a five-hour surgery and two-week stay in intensive care for the patient.

According to reports, on more than one occasion the plastic surgeon failed to contact a patient's primary care physician to verify medications and any underlying health concerns. Additionally, the surgeon failed to monitor his patient's vital signs while performing the procedures with sedation. The plastic surgeon performed operations under the Lifestyle Lift brand, though this most recent question of negligence is not the first to be raised against the company or this surgeon. This particular surgeon has been named the defendant in two other malpractice cases. While those cases were settled out of court, it is unclear what path this recent case will take.

Anyone in California who has fallen victim to the negligence or recklessness of a physician or surgeon has legal rights, which may include filing civil claims such as a medical malpractice or personal injury claim. Similarly, anyone in our state who has lost a loved one due to a tragic instance of medical negligence may find it beneficial to seek out their rights to wrongful death claims. Successful litigation of such claims can provide a bit of solace to the victims and their families as they work toward making a complete recovery.

Source: SFGate, East Bay doctor disciplined in face-lift fiasco, Ronnie Cohen, Dec. 22, 2013

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