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California cardiologist faces medical malpractice investigation

A California doctor is under investigation by the California Medical Board. Alleged negligence and misdiagnoses have led to what the board says is his third investigation for medical malpractice. After two previous probations, if they prove that his actions were negligent and inappropriate, he may lose his license to practice medicine.

The California cardiologist is alleged to have repeatedly shown negligence in treating and diagnosing patients. One instance includes the misdiagnosis of a patient that resulted in inappropriate and out-of-date sample medication being distributed to her. In addition, he reportedly prescribed the wrong medicine for her condition that caused his female patient -- a 62-year-old female -- to be at an increased risk for a coma or, even worse, death.

In 1996 the doctor was placed on his first probation for the wrongful death of a male patient. According to records, he completely missed a serious condition that his patient suffered from. This led to the amputation of his left arm and, later, his wrongful death.

According to the California Medical Board, this doctor has already been placed on two separate five-year probations for previous actions. Victims of a gross misdiagnosis may face months or even years of recovery from inappropriate medical practices. In these cases, a successful medical malpractice lawsuit may help ensure that the victims are rightfully compensated. By ensuring that medical bills following the aftermath of a misdiagnosis are adequately taken care of, victims may be able to move forward with their health and their healing more easily than they would have otherwise.

Source:, Merced doctor accused of 'gross negligence' by state Medical Board, Rob Parsons, Jan. 10, 2014

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