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February 2014 Archives

Car accident leaves California man without wife and children

Tragedy struck a small community when one motorist ran a stop sign. California residents are still struggling to come to terms with the car accident that rocked their community and resulted in the death of five people. The youngest that was killed was only one-year-old.

$100 million settlement proposed for defective drug NuvaRing

Hormonal birth control has become a normal aspect of many women's lives in the United States. A mounting class action lawsuit claims that at least one form of birth control is not as safe as it has been touted to be. This action is being fueled by women who used the popular birth control NuvaRing. California residents involved in the suit might be pleased with the settlement that Merck has brought to the table in relation to the alleged defective drug.

Alleged nursing home neglect leads to fatal choking incident

Having a parent or loved one in the care of a nursing home isn't always easy. Often times there can be worry about the standard of care or attention that is being given to aging loved ones. Nursing home neglect can sometimes be subtle or difficult to detect, but the results can be truly devastating. A California owned nursing home recently paid thousands of dollars in fines related to the death of one of their residents.

Defibrillator lead recalled as a defective medical device

When it comes to their medical well-being, most patients place the responsibility in the hands of experts such as doctors, hospitals and medical device manufacturers. There are times, though, when the experts fail to act appropriately, and in turn serious injury can occur. Currently, a defective medical device is at the center of a lawsuit that even has a California judge weighing in.