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$100 million settlement proposed for defective drug NuvaRing

Hormonal birth control has become a normal aspect of many women's lives in the United States. A mounting class action lawsuit claims that at least one form of birth control is not as safe as it has been touted to be. This action is being fueled by women who used the popular birth control NuvaRing. California residents involved in the suit might be pleased with the settlement that Merck has brought to the table in relation to the alleged defective drug.

Merck acquired the company that owned NuvaRing and all of its lawsuits in 2009. The NuvaRing, which is a form of birth control that is inserted vaginally for three weeks at a time, is alleged to yield a higher risk for clots than the company had previously admitted to. Due to the combination of estrogen and progestin, the birth control supposedly puts users at a significantly higher risk for clots than users of less risky forms of hormonal birth control. Those affected by the NuvaRing claim that they were never warned of an especially increased risk.

The proposed settlement includes $100 million dollars paid out by Merck, as well as an admission of no wrongdoing for the company. A judge involved with the case believes it to be a fair proposal, but that is still yet to be determined. In order to move forward with the settlement, over 3,600 plaintiffs would be required to agree with the settlement. This leaves only 5% of those involved in the lawsuit who could disagree and still allow the $100 million to be paid out.

While some view the settlement as a fair payout for this case, others point to similar cases of class action lawsuits brought against companies for their birth control products. Blood clots can be seriously damaging and can cause a myriad of injuries that range from heart attack to death. Whether the settlement will proceed is still yet to be decided. Provided that the vast majority of plaintiffs involved in the case feel that it is indeed a fair and just payout, the end of the class action suit concerning the defective drug NuvaRing may soon be in sight, and California residents involved in the case may be able to rest a little easier.

Source:, Merck Agrees To Pay $100 Million To Settle NuvaRing Lawsuits, Chris Morran, Feb. 7, 2014

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