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Alleged nursing home neglect leads to fatal choking incident

Having a parent or loved one in the care of a nursing home isn't always easy. Often times there can be worry about the standard of care or attention that is being given to aging loved ones. Nursing home neglect can sometimes be subtle or difficult to detect, but the results can be truly devastating. A California owned nursing home recently paid thousands of dollars in fines related to the death of one of their residents.

Granger Nursing & Rehabilitation Center paid almost $9,000 worth of fines related to one of their resident's death. This resident in particular was diagnosed with problems swallowing, and in particular was supposed to avoid bread. Despite the no-bread order, records show that he was given a sandwich to eat for dinner anyway. The man proceeded to choke on the sandwich that had been provided to him.

Despite employees' efforts to dislodge the food and to perform CPR, the 60-year-old man did not make it. To make matters worse, after providing a dangerous food to the resident, his death was not even reported to the proper channels because the administrator of the home claims that he was told the death was not related to choking. His official cause of death was listed as cardiac arrest, which was caused by some sort of obstruction in his airway. The original fine of $30,000 was reduced to only $8,700 after the home promised that it would not appeal the decision.

This was not the first time that the California owned nursing home has been cited for nursing home neglect. Specifically, failing to address residents' needs seemed to be a big issue for the home. Family members of nursing home residents might be vigilant in checking on their loved ones, but abuse can still fly under the radar. In instances such as this, if a loved one dies as the result of nursing home abuse, the family of the deceased may seek legal and financial recourse in the form of a wrongful death suit filed on behalf of their lost family member.

Source:, Regulators reduce fine 71 percent against Dallas County nursing home, Clark Kauffman, Feb. 1, 2014

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