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Car accident leaves California man without wife and children

Tragedy struck a small community when one motorist ran a stop sign. California residents are still struggling to come to terms with the car accident that rocked their community and resulted in the death of five people. The youngest that was killed was only one-year-old.

A mother was traveling with her four children when a 41-year-old woman blew through a stop sign and plowed into her vehicle. Witnesses report that her SUV erupted into flames pretty much immediately, and they quickly engulfed the entire vehicle. Nearby residents say it sounded like an explosion, and they rushed outside to help.

The victim's husband had been travelling in a different car and witnessed the vehicle carrying his wife and children catch fire. A resident aided the man as he desperately fought the flames to pull his family out and to safety, but one witness stated that it was simply too late. The husband had to be physically dragged from fiery car, otherwise he too might have lost his life. His wife and four children, aged one to 11-years-old, were dead.

There may be little comfort for the man without his family after such a tragic car accident. The community has rallied around him and are now petitioning for a safer intersection -- which would include road bumps and flashing lights -- after the woman who ran the stop sign claimed to have simply not seen it. As this California man struggles to put the broken pieces of his life back into place, he may choose to pursue a wrongful death suit against the driver that caused the accident. While no amount of financial recourse could ever bring his family back, if successfully settled there may be a sense of justice for the lives and the family that were lost.

Source: Los Angeles Times, Riverdale mourns mother, children killed in fiery crash, Scott Gold, Feb. 17, 2014

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