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Hip replacement fingered as a serious defective medical device

Hip replacement can sometimes appear to be a relatively common surgical procedure. Although many California patients undergo an operation for such a replacement every year, some may still be unaware of a defective medical device that caused significant pain and injury to some who received it. DePuy -- a company owned by Johnson & Johnson -- has recently offered a settlement in a class-action lawsuit concerning the company's hip implant.

The implant in question is DePuy's metal-on-metal implant. Some say that the faulty hip implant may be one of the most flawed devices ever. A video accompanying a media report explains that, after surgery to implant the metal-on-metal hip replacement, people across the globe began experiencing significant levels of pain and trouble with their new implant.

The video report also points out one victim in particular had to have another surgery to extract and replace the faulty implant in order to participate in the lawsuit against DePuy. The woman claims that the whole ordeal completely changed her life, and she now uses a cane to help her walk. She may now have the opportunity for some form of justice with the proposed settlement.

DePuy is offering a $4 billion settlement based on amounts assigned to any surgery fees or complications incurred due to the defective medical device. It is also noted that risk factors, such as smoking or being overweight, reduce the amount that a victim may receive. With a deadline of April 1 looming ahead, victims are faced with the difficult decision of either taking the settlement or battling the company on their own. California victims might have to weigh the possible outcome of both choices before moving forward with any major decisions.

Source: NBC Chicago, Plaintiffs Face Agonizing Decision In Hip Implant Settlement, Lisa Parker, March 11, 2014

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