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April 2014 Archives

Product liability claims of insufficient Mirena warnings

For individuals who hope to avoid pregnancy, a birth control option that lasts for years without requiring a daily pill might appear to be a valid option. Despite its apparent ease of use, the Intra-Uterine Device, Mirena, may not be as wonderful as it first appears for some California women. The brand name birth control is facing claims of product liability for their supposed failure to adequately warn of possible side effects from its use.

Alleged defective drug blamed for deaths

Patients generally expect that the medications they are prescribed are not only effective, but safe. The family member of an alleged victim of a potentially defective drug says that a blood thinner currently on the market isn't safe. In fact, she claims it caused her aunt's death. Family members of California victims who may have taken the same medication might find this story to be a familiar one.

California truck accidents can be deadly

A couple that recently became engaged won't ever have the opportunity to go dress shopping, rent tuxedos or say their vows before family and loved ones. The California couple was aboard a bus that was struck by a FedEx truck, and the resulting accident caused fatalities. So far, 10 people have been reported as deceased from the incident, demonstrating how dangerous truck accidents can be.

Grandmother froze to death, family files medical malpractice suit

Determining whether a patient is actually dead might not appear to be a matter that is easily mishandled. However, the California family of a woman who was apparently not deceased when she was brought to the morgue claims that is exactly what happened. Although there were some roadblocks while initially filing the suit, the family is now moving forward with a medical malpractice claim concerning what they say was the woman's wrongful death.

Pedestrian killed in California highway car accident

When a pedestrian is hit and killed by a vehicle in California, the individual's family members usually are caught off guard. Understandably, the situation is devastating, both physically and emotionally, for surviving loved ones. They especially may feel angry if the person who is believed to have caused the accident was speeding or engaging in some other form of careless behavior. One family is in this scenario following a tragic car accident involving a pedestrian in California.