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Product liability claims of insufficient Mirena warnings

For individuals who hope to avoid pregnancy, a birth control option that lasts for years without requiring a daily pill might appear to be a valid option. Despite its apparent ease of use, the Intra-Uterine Device, Mirena, may not be as wonderful as it first appears for some California women. The brand name birth control is facing claims of product liability for their supposed failure to adequately warn of possible side effects from its use.

Six months after the birth of her child, one mother noticed several abnormal problems that couldn't necessarily be pinned down to childbirth. She gained weight instead of losing it, she was exceedingly exhausted, her hair came out in clumps and her mood became so erratic that doctors believe she suffered from a mental disorder. The culprit actually proved to be her Mirena IUD, which she'd had inserted months after she gave birth. When her doctor went to remove it, however, it wasn't in the location where it should have been.

The mother's IUD had actually perforated her uterus and become lodged in the woman's omentum, which are tissues that are meant to protect internal organs. The removal of the migrated IUD required surgery, but scar tissue from the Mirena caused continuing issues, such as cysts and multiple subsequent surgeries. Ultimately, her uterus was removed, and she was left unable to have any more children at the extremely young age of 24 years old.

This woman's claims of Mirena-related injuries and side effects does not appear to be unique. Across the U.S., over 1,200 patients have lodged complaints that range from uterus perforation and ectopic pregnancy to hysterectomies and other serious surgeries. The complaints of product liability against Mirena and Bayer, Mirena's manufacturer, claim that the company failed to warn patients of potential side effects and known risks that can accompany use of the IUD. Had some in California known of the possibility for adverse effects, they may have opted not to use that particular birth control, and could have avoided any related injuries. Victims of product liability have the right to pursue financial damages in a civil court of law in order to be reimbursed for the unexpected expenses they have incurred.

Source: Newsweek, "The Courtroom Controversy Behind Popular Contraceptive Mirena", Victoria Bekiempis, April 24, 2014

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