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July 2014 Archives

Nursing home neglect may have caused woman's heart attack

While many California children may wish to care for their parents as they age, this is not always a realistic option for those involved. Whether because of financial, time or healthcare restraints, nursing homes can provide a safe and adequate alternative for care. Sadly, nursing home neglect can be a devastating reality for some residents and their families, who were simply hoping for the best care for their loved one.

Truck accident kills 1, causes serious injuries for others

Navigating around 18-wheelers and other traffic can sometimes be difficult when traffic is at its finest, but when another vehicle makes a mistake, the results can be tragic. A recent truck accident involving multiple vehicles caused serious injuries and, sadly, one death. With the aid of eyewitness testimony, California police are continuing to investigate the initial cause of the wreck.

Investigation launched into possible defective medical device

Ethicon, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, is the producer of a mesh product for use in certain surgeries that has been at the center of some pretty hot controversy. This alleged defective medical device has allegedly affected both women and men across the country, including in California. Some of the injuries that were supposedly incurred appear to have long-lasting consequences for those affected.

Victims of a defective drug may be able to turn to Twitter soon

Drug companies have already long been required to inform consumers of a prescription medication's side-effects on both the label and in TV ads. But now, the FDA appears to be bringing their most recent regulations to the digital age. Sometime in the near future, consumers in California and across America may be able to learn about a drug’s side-effects through a popular social media website. Those who were not properly warned of a drug’s side-effects or who were subjected to the whims of a defective drug might find these new regulations particularly helpful.

Fatal car accident in California leaves 2 dead, others injured

A deadly pass in California has sadly claimed two more victims after a tragic wreck. Multiple other people sustained serious injuries from the car accident, which reportedly involved a smaller car being struck by a dump truck. Although no charges have been filed at this time, California police are still investigating the root cause of the accident.