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August 2014 Archives

Son files medical malpractice suit over mother's death

A woman outside the state of California died after allegedly being prescribed multiple medications that did not follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Her son is pursuing a medical malpractice claim on her behalf both against the prescribing doctor as well as the pain clinic that he worked for. His suit is seeking compensation on both his and his mother’s behalf.

Woman may have been high during serious auto accident

Sadly, a California man died after another vehicle apparently ran a red light recently. The serious auto accident involved multiple vehicles and also caused substantial injuries for half a dozen people. Police suspect that the driver who they believe ran the red light may have been driving while under the influence.

Alleged drunk driver caused serious auto accident with ambulance

Three California individuals charged with helping those who have been injured were recently in need of help of their own assistance after a recent car wreck. A serious auto accident occurred after a driver is believed to have struck an ambulance while proceeding through an intersection. The driver has since been arrested and is currently being held on bail.

Increased risk of cancer linked to apparent defective drug

For many women in California, birth control pills may be an everyday aspect of their healthcare maintenance. For some, this may be to prevent pregnancy, while others may take a daily pill to help control otherwise erratic menstrual cycles. However, that daily pill that so many women take may actually be a defective drug.