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Alleged drunk driver caused serious auto accident with ambulance

Three California individuals charged with helping those who have been injured were recently in need of help of their own assistance after a recent car wreck. A serious auto accident occurred after a driver is believed to have struck an ambulance while proceeding through an intersection. The driver has since been arrested and is currently being held on bail.

There were three EMTs riding in the ambulance at the time of the wreck. Although it is unclear who exactly had the right-of-way in the intersection, the ambulance was hit by what police believe to have been a drunk driver. All three of the EMTs as well as the driver that caused the wreck were injured in the accident.

The driver that apparently caused the accident was arrested after police suspected that he was driving while under the influence. He was later booked at a local jail, and bail was set at $100,000. The condition of the injured EMTs is unclear.

Men and women who are typically some of the first to provide critical aid to those injured in a serious auto accident may find it jarring to be involved in one themselves. Aside from any emotional trauma that such a wreck can bring on, physical injuries can sometimes become extremely costly due to any current and future medical bills. For those in California who have been injured in such a wreck, it is possible to seek compensation for these costs through the successful litigation of a personal injury claim. Not only can victims find financial relief after paying off medical bills with any financial recourse, but they may also be compensated for any potential long-term pain and suffering that was caused by the accident.

Source:, "Man arrested, accused of DUI in Stanton ambulance crash", Sean Emery and Salvador Hernandez, Aug. 4, 2014

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