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October 2014 Archives

Many supplements conceal banned defective drug

With claims like "natural" and "healthy," many herbal supplements have infiltrated the lives of California residents. Recent research has indicated that many herbal and dietary supplements may not be as healthy as was originally claimed. Indeed, many may actually be a defective drug and hazardous to the health of those that choose to take them. 

Compensation is possible for a defective medical device injury

Scientific and technological advances have helped provide a vast array of medications and medical devices that can treat anything from an annoyance as simple as acne to a serious disease like cancer. While many of these have helped manage otherwise painful diseases or illnesses for patients in California, not all have acted as they should have. Sadly, a defective medical device can have a serious impact on an individual's life, and in some instances, action may be necessary.

California man accused of nursing home neglect

While the care and well-being of the residents of nursing homes in California should always come before potential profits, some claim that one nursing home owner may have had his priorities backwards. Suspected nursing home neglect may have occurred in dozens of facilities that provide long-term care for the elderly. That man in question actually owns the company Brius Healthcare Services.

Company denies producing defective medical device

It may be difficult for some people in California to imagine a world without any medical errors whatsoever. However, the founder of the organization Patient Safety Movement Foundation set out to do just that. The founder of the nonprofit also happens to be the CEO of a prominent medical device company. Despite the talks of improvement, the FDA has noted that his company, Masimo Corporation, may not be doing everything it can to avoid marketing an unnecessary defective medical device.