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Compensation is possible for a defective medical device injury

Scientific and technological advances have helped provide a vast array of medications and medical devices that can treat anything from an annoyance as simple as acne to a serious disease like cancer. While many of these have helped manage otherwise painful diseases or illnesses for patients in California, not all have acted as they should have. Sadly, a defective medical device can have a serious impact on an individual's life, and in some instances, action may be necessary.

Although some procedures, such as Lasik, may be readily familiar to most readers, how the eye surgery is actually performed may be less clear. For instance, various lasers can be used to perform this often life-changing surgery. However, after one individual chose to use a laser that had not been FDA approved, at least three different patients suffered bacterial infections in their eyes. 

Other defective medical devices, like faulty hip replacements and even prescription medications, may prevent a different but still very real threat to patients. Most patients rely on the medical community for their healthcare needs, and when that community is provided with dangerous equipment or improper medication, it is the patient who ultimately suffers. Sometimes, that suffering warrants compensation.

Most people in California likely already know that they can receive financial compensation for medical bills if a faulty product such as a defective medical device or drug injures them. However, injuries from such products can also cause excruciating and long-lasting pain that can inhibit a victim's ability to work or even function. We believe that the manufacturers of these products should be held accountable for their actions, and we approach our clients' cases with an emphasis on research and preparing to fight for what they deserve.

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