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Many supplements conceal banned defective drug

With claims like "natural" and "healthy," many herbal supplements have infiltrated the lives of California residents. Recent research has indicated that many herbal and dietary supplements may not be as healthy as was originally claimed. Indeed, many may actually be a defective drug and hazardous to the health of those that choose to take them. 

When it comes to published papers in scientific journals, retraction is not a common event. However, that's just what two researchers recently did when they yanked their paper asserting that a green coffee bean supplement could increase weight loss for those in need. While surprising, this is hardly the most notable recent even concerning supplements.

In a separate study, researchers carefully analyzed 27 different recalled supplements. Even though all of these supplements had been recalled by the FDA, the researchers were still able to purchase many of them up to 52 months following the initial recall. They found that every supplement they analyzed contained at least one banned substance that could seriously endanger consumers. Perhaps more shocking, over half of Americans purchase and ingest these types of supplements every year.

Some of those supplements sold over the counter were also found to contain illegal prescription medication, such as sibutramine. Sibutramine is a defective drug in and of itself and was banned from use in America after it was found to put its users at a higher risk of a serious heart attack. Individuals in California may be lured in by baseless claims of a natural alternative to prescription drugs or vitamins, but many of these companies continue to manufacture and distribute supplements that can cause significant harm. Those who have been injured by a supplement may even be able to more effectively pursue a product liability claim for damage compensation if the supplement is found to have still contained the banned FDA ingredient.

Source:, "More troubling news about dubious - and dangerous - practices in the dietary supplement industry", Susan Perry, Oct. 23, 2014

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