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November 2014 Archives

Victim pursues medical malpractice claim after loss of legs

As most people who have gone under the knife might acknowledge, going to the hospital for surgery can be an unnerving experience. While the majority of California patients come out safe and sound, even a seemingly minor mistake made during surgery can result in serious and life-long implications. One patient who recently underwent surgery is now pursuing a medical malpractice claim against a surgeon that he believes caused his injury.

Companies make finding liability in nursing home neglect hard

Deciding to place a loved in a nursing home is rarely an easy decision, and it is often devastating when a family realizes that they can no longer care for a beloved parent or grandparent. However, some of the California nursing homes that families turned to for help may have actually done more harm than good. According to some, the necessary action to protect patients from nursing home neglect isn't being taken.

Lyft vehicle involved in serious auto accident, killing passenger

Ridesharing instead of traditional taxis and public transportation has been popping up across America and may be particularly popular with younger individuals. Popular ridesharing company Lyft helps those who need a ride locate one through the use of their app. Unfortunately, a California man never got to his destination after the Lyft vehicle that he was traveling in was involved in a serious auto accident.

Medical malpractice caps could change following election results

Inflation's sting may be felt anywhere from the grocery store checkout to a monthly water bill as some California families struggle to make a stagnate paycheck stretch further and further. This ache may be particularly difficult to deal with when it comes in the form of medical bills, especially ones that could have possibly been avoided. While victims of medical malpractice can seek compensation for both their bills and pain and suffering, some argue that the cap on certain damages isn't appropriate for this day and age, and the issue was to be voted upon in the midterm elections on Nov. 4.