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Lyft vehicle involved in serious auto accident, killing passenger

Ridesharing instead of traditional taxis and public transportation has been popping up across America and may be particularly popular with younger individuals. Popular ridesharing company Lyft helps those who need a ride locate one through the use of their app. Unfortunately, a California man never got to his destination after the Lyft vehicle that he was traveling in was involved in a serious auto accident.

The deadly wreck occurred shortly after a hit-and-run took place. An SUV was struck from behind, causing it to spin out and stall on the Interstate while the driver who struck it fled. Although it's unclear how much time had passed between this and the following event, the driver of a Lyft vehicle had to swerve in order to prevent a collision with the SUV. However, instead of hitting the vehicle, it slammed into a tree, killing one of its passengers.

Another vehicle brushed the SUV and then hit a passing 18 wheeler, although no injuries from that collision were reported. The driver of the Lyft car and the second passenger survived, although they did suffer injuries. Police are still investigating the wreck and are searching for both the vehicle that initially hit the SUV as well as the driver of the 18 wheeler. That driver apparently took off after only stopping briefly to help move the disabled vehicle out of the road.

Following this serious auto accident and the death of this young man, his family may choose to seek justice on behalf of their loved one through a wrongful death lawsuit. Before such a claim can be pursued in California, potential defendants must first be identified. In this instance the driver will likely be named, but it is possible that Lyft could face a claim for liability as well. While no amount of money could ever replace their loved one, funeral expenses and other monetary damages can create unexpected burdens during the grieving process. Additionally, a successfully litigated claim can also provide a sense of justice in the otherwise senseless death of a family member.

Source:, "West Sac man killed in I-80 crash after Halloween party", Shawn Brouwer, Nov. 3, 2014

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