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December 2014 Archives

I feel worse after taking Zoloft -- is it a defective drug?

When suffering from a mental illness, proper treatment can be crucial to the overall health of patients. Often, medication is used to help control or treat the symptoms from which a patient might be suffering. While some medication works successfully to help patients live productive lives, a defective drug can wreak havoc on a victim's mind.

Defective medical device came with inadequate instructions

Nearly everyone who has spent any time in a hospital probably has a pretty good idea that cleanliness is of the utmost importance. Some visitors might even be hard-pressed to travel more than a few feet in a California hospital without encountering a hand-sanitizing station. However, in situations where a sterile environment is required, it is possible that a defective medical device may not have been getting the job done.

Parents affected by Graco recall may file product liability claim

A car seat is usually one of the first items that a child in California uses outside of the hospital. Car seats are particularly important for small children, who may be some of the most vulnerable in the event of a car crash. It's possible that some parents may choose to bring a product liability claim against Graco, the manufacturer of a car seat that produced and distributed car seats with a faulty buckle.

Hurt in a car accident? The insurance company isn't on your side

Much of what most people in California do relies on some type of modern transportation. Residents use their cars for more than just getting to and from work or dropping their kids off at school. For some, much of the day may be spent driving from one place to another. Unfortunately, some drivers on the road ignore posted speed limits, spend more time looking at their cell phones than the road or climb behind the wheel after a few drinks. These types of drivers put others who follow the rules of the road at serious risk for a car accident and even catastrophic injuries.