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Hurt in a car accident? The insurance company isn't on your side

Much of what most people in California do relies on some type of modern transportation. Residents use their cars for more than just getting to and from work or dropping their kids off at school. For some, much of the day may be spent driving from one place to another. Unfortunately, some drivers on the road ignore posted speed limits, spend more time looking at their cell phones than the road or climb behind the wheel after a few drinks. These types of drivers put others who follow the rules of the road at serious risk for a car accident and even catastrophic injuries.

Serious wrecks only take a moment to occur, but the impact can have far-reaching consequences for the victim. Even if a victim took all of the necessary precautions, such as wearing a seat belt, serious brain or other physical injuries are not uncommon. As most probably already know, serious injuries have steep financial implications.

Victims may require surgery, extensive rehabilitation therapy and a prolonged period of time spent away from work. These types of damages can be compensated by the liable driver's insurance company, which may better allow the victim to recover. Unfortunately, while it may seem obvious what the associated damages are, the insurance company might attempt to seriously undervalue what the victim is actually owed.

Dealing with a stubborn insurance company while simultaneously struggling to recover may be more than many victims can bare, especially if income screeches to a halt. We know that insurance company understands how much damage a car accident can cause, and we utilize our years of experience and knowledge to ensure that our clients are awarded a fair settlement that addresses their needs. There's a plethora of information on the Internet about car accidents, but this information is not always pertinent to California state law, and often it may not even be accurate or true. Victims or their families who are confused about what actions they may take after a serious wreck may find it helpful to review some of the information we have posted on our website.

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