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A defective drug injury deserves justice

It might not be much of a stretch to say that scientific research has revolutionized the world of medical treatments. It may seem that now more than ever there are a plethora of drugs for every kind of illness or disease. While many patients in California have benefited from being prescribed the proper medication, ineffective or otherwise hazardous drugs have also wreaked havoc on some people. If you or a loved one has suffered because of a defective drug, you may be able to take action with a product liability suit.

Just as you count on your healthcare provider to prescribe you an appropriate dose of the correct medication, both doctors and patients expect that the medicine manufactured by pharmaceutical companies is both effective and safe. As we all know, the pharmaceutical companies cannot always be counted on. In instances when a drug has serious side effects or undergoes a defective manufacturing process, it's the patients' lives that are on the line.

These defective drugs often do the opposite of what they are actually intended to do, which is to help. Victims often suffer further injuries or worsened conditions of a prior medical condition. It can be easy to feel helpless after placing your trust in a company who manufactured and distributed a seriously harmful medication.

We understand how devastating a defective drug injury can be to a victim as well as his or her family. The physical and financial burden that California victims must bare after suffering the ill effects of a harmful medication is unfair, and our firm is fully dedicated to our clients and their needs. While nothing can undo the harm that was done, we believe that legal recourse can help address many of the financial and daily needs of victims so that they can focus on their recovery.

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