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Car accident victims may have claims against multiple drivers

One person is dead and three others are injured following a tragic accident on Interstate 580. Three vehicles were involved in the car accident, although it initially started out as a single-vehicle wreck. Although California police are still investigating the wreck, they believe that drugs may have played a role in the first wreck.

For reasons that are still unclear, the driver of a vehicle with two occupants lost control and struck a center median at roughly 4:20 a.m. After the initial collision, the car flipped, apparently rolling several times before finally coming to a stop. During this ordeal the vehicle's driver and its passenger -- a 25-year-old woman -- were tossed from the car. The passenger died at the scene. 

Shortly after the initial wreck, a man pulled over to help. Unfortunately, after he exited his car, a third vehicle struck the car that initially wrecked. The vehicle then caught fire. In total, three men were injured, including the driver of the first wrecked vehicle and the man who stopped to help, who both suffered major injuries. The third individual whose vehicle struck the wreckage suffered only minor injuries, and it is unclear if he had to be treated at a hospital.

When accidents, injuries and fatalities are the result of multiple collisions and possible acts of negligence, it may be difficult to determine who exactly is liable for certain damages. In some instances, California victims and their families may be able to pursue personal injury or wrongful death claims against multiple negligent parties. In other cases, the cause of a car accident is much more clear, and a single driver might be held responsible for damages caused to victims.

Source:, "Drugs a factor in fatal crash on I-580 near San Leandro", Henry Lee, Jan. 23, 2015

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