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March 2015 Archives

Study says nursing home neglect prevalent among residents

With so many older adults in the care of long-term nursing homes in California, it is not necessarily unreasonable to expect that some type of oversight is employed to ensure the safety of residents. Unfortunately, this is often not the case. According to the National Center on Elder Abuse, keeping track of nursing home neglect is not always that easy. 

Police investigate serious auto accident that killed 4, injured 4

The events leading up to a recent devastating accident remain unclear even as California authorities continue to investigate. The serious auto accident resulted in four fatalities, and police believe that alcohol could have possibly been a factor. The other individuals involved in the wreck survived, although one victim remains in critical condition. 

Ambien causes serious side effects, may be defective drug

At one point in time, most people have experienced at least one restless night of sleep. A lack of sufficient or proper sleep can wreak havoc on a person the following day, and it is understandable that so many individuals who deal with chronic sleep problems seek medical help for their insomnia. Sadly, some individuals in California who were prescribed prescription medication for sleep problems were exposed to a possibly harmful defective drug. 

Don't wait to act on nursing home neglect

Many families in California want to care for their loved ones as they age, but the time and financial constraints of work and other obligations can prevent them from being able to do so. Instead, families often turn to nursing homes to ensure the continued care of their grandparents or parents. What happens, however, when the staff cause more harm than good? Sadly, nursing home neglect is a reality for some residents.