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Ambien causes serious side effects, may be defective drug

At one point in time, most people have experienced at least one restless night of sleep. A lack of sufficient or proper sleep can wreak havoc on a person the following day, and it is understandable that so many individuals who deal with chronic sleep problems seek medical help for their insomnia. Sadly, some individuals in California who were prescribed prescription medication for sleep problems were exposed to a possibly harmful defective drug. 

Ambien hit the market after the FDA approved its use in 1999. For insomniacs, the introduction of a new medication to aid in the sleep process may have seemed wonderful. However, it apparently did not take long for reports of dangerous or confusing side effects to surface. Some patients who took Ambien experienced bouts of sleepwalking, while others reported suffering from amnesia while using it. Despite these reports, Ambien's manufacturer -- Sanofi-Aventis -- denied that the reported sleepwalking problems were actually side effects of taking Ambien, as such a reaction was predicted to be rare.

Elderly individuals are most at risk for experiencing negative side effects from taking Ambien, including becoming excessively dizzy or unsteady, even upon waking from a full night's sleep. Such effects can put elderly individuals in a position that may result in a serious fall or expose them to other related dangers. This can be especially true when patients are instructed to take the medication for longer periods of time, as an increased strength is typically needed when sleep medications are used regularly. 

Although Sanofi-Aventis has denied that its medication could be the cause of dangerous sleepwalking or eating incidents, a distinct link has been made between the two. Other side effects that California patients might experience are a loss of coordination or even feeling as if they have been drugged. Some patients even experience hallucinations. Those who have been adversely affected after taking Ambien may need the right help to seek recovery of monetary damages related to a defective drug. An appropriate choice for many may be to pursue a product liability claim against Sanofi-Aventis that, if successfully handled, may result in victims being awarded just compensation.

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