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Don't wait to act on nursing home neglect

Many families in California want to care for their loved ones as they age, but the time and financial constraints of work and other obligations can prevent them from being able to do so. Instead, families often turn to nursing homes to ensure the continued care of their grandparents or parents. What happens, however, when the staff cause more harm than good? Sadly, nursing home neglect is a reality for some residents.

Nursing home residents who are bedridden are particularly at risk for suffering from negligence or subpar care. If not routinely moved as necessary, bedsores can develop and cause excruciating pain and/or infection. The risk for infection from a bedsore can be especially high if a patient isn't having his or her hygienic needs met.

Being left in bed isn't the only risk for residents who are unable to move around by themselves. Moving frail or bedridden patients can be just as hazardous if all of the necessary care is not taken. Staff who are negligent in transporting a resident can cause broken bones or other related injuries.

It can be exceptionally difficult to care for bedridden loved ones without the proper time and equipment to commit to their well-being, which might be a driving factor in some California families to choose full-time nursing home care. Unfortunately, nursing home neglect can further complicate a resident's health care needs and place an unfair financial burden on them and their family. We understand what it takes to stand up for our clients' rights and to actively pursue compensation that is just and right.

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