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Police investigate serious auto accident that killed 4, injured 4

The events leading up to a recent devastating accident remain unclear even as California authorities continue to investigate. The serious auto accident resulted in four fatalities, and police believe that alcohol could have possibly been a factor. The other individuals involved in the wreck survived, although one victim remains in critical condition. 

According to the family of one of the victims, she never actually knew the driver of the vehicle in which she was a passenger. She had apparently been headed to a convenience store on foot from a home that she shared with a roommate shortly before the wreck occurred. No one is quite sure how or when she ended up in a 22-year-old man's vehicle. At the time of the wreck, seven people were in the car, including her roommate.

The driver later struck another vehicle head-on, and the resulting impact killed both drivers. The woman's roommate and one other person in the car also suffered fatal injuries. The young woman is the only one of the four surviving victims who remains in the hospital, where she is still on life support. Although the full extent of her injuries -- including internal organ damage and multiple broken bones -- has been mostly established, the severity of her brain damage remains unclear.

Although her family appears to be happy that she is at least alive, her father has voiced concern over the financial burden caused by this serious auto accident. This is certainly not an uncommon worry for victims of catastrophic wrecks and their families, and there are legal avenues that may be available in order to address these concerns. In California, just compensation for damages from a car wreck are typically awarded through the successful litigation of a personal injury claim. Families of fatal victims also have this option, although awarded damages in a wrongful death claim may cover different damages, such as funeral and burial expenses.

Source:, "As victims recover from Santa Cruz County crash that killed four, questions remain", Stephen Baxter, March 11, 2015

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