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April 2015 Archives

Police say wrong-way car accident killed driver, 3 others

A devastating wrong-way accident left four people dead is still under investigation as California authorities try to determine what factors might have influenced the wreck. The driver that allegedly caused the car accident was one of the victims. The other three victims were all in the same vehicle at the time of accident.

Bill targets referral agencies to prevent nursing home neglect

Long-term care facilities in California provide an invaluable service to the elderly and their families. While many family members may want to care for their loved ones well into their old age, specific medical needs often prevent them from providing needed care. However, referral agencies that are supposed to help families place their loved ones in the most appropriate home possible may not be looking out for the residents best interests, and improper placements can potentially lead to nursing home neglect

Bayer may have concealed side effects of possible defective drug

A number of women in California use birth control for various reasons, but according to the FDA, one popular form of contraception may not be as safe as previously thought. Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Inc. is under investigation by the FDA, following allegations that the company might not have been honest about certain clinical trial results. The altered results may reveal that Essure is actually a defective drug

Truck accidents responsible for significant number of deaths

In America's current economic and consumer climate, tractor-trailers and other large trucks play a critical role in moving goods across the country. For example, with the aid of large trucks, residents on the East Coast can enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables from California during times of the year when the climate does not allow them to grow their own locally. Sadly, many drivers behind the wheels of these types of vehicles ignore important safety standards that are designed to keep everyone on the road as safe as possible. When those standards are ignored, serious injuries can result from truck accidents

Alleged defective bone cement prompts product liability suit

The safety and efficacy of medical treatment in the United States heavily relies on the careful crafting and engineering of proper medical tools and devices. Sadly, one woman claims that doctors utilized a defective medical device while operating on her knee, causing her to suffer serious injuries. Although the incident did occur in a medical setting, as the injury was caused by an alleged defective product and not a health care professional's negligence, victims of similar incidents in California would find the most appropriate course of action for compensation to be through a product liability suit rather than a medical malpractice claim.