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May 2015 Archives

Investigation may bring closure for victims of serious injuries

Large trucks are heavy, sometimes difficult to navigate around and are surprisingly common features on most California highways and interstates. A truck driver was recently found to be at fault for causing a tragic accident that caused both fatal and serious injuries. However, there is still ongoing speculation about what actually occurred in the cab of the 18-wheeler.

Nursing home neglect allegedly ignored by owners

Entrusting the care of a loved one to a nursing home or other residential care facility is rarely easy, and family members typically expect that staff will treat their loved one with respect while providing the best care possible. When residents are neglected or abused, people in California usually expect the owner of the facility to be open and honest about these acts of nursing home neglect. Sadly, when it comes to abuse, there often appears to be a culture of cover-ups.

California's medical record index may lead to medical malpractice

Electronic medical records may indeed be the way of the future, but the system is far from perfect. Hackers have already managed to steal medical records from at least one insurance company in a targeted cyberattack. However, cyberattacks are not the only things that put California patients at risk for record-related medical malpractice. One insurance company's voluntary actions may have compromised the safety of millions of patients.

Victim's son said nursing home neglect contributed to death

A series of oversights and mistakes allegedly led to serious negligence during the final stages of a woman's life. Recently transferred to a nursing home, her son says that the home and its staff were aware of his mother's health issues and related medical care. Sadly, he believes that nursing home neglect contributed to a series of devastating infections and injuries that resulted in her death only days after arriving at the facility. Families in California who have witnessed similar wrongdoing can possibly benefit from observing how the victim's son handled the situation.