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Victim's son said nursing home neglect contributed to death

A series of oversights and mistakes allegedly led to serious negligence during the final stages of a woman's life. Recently transferred to a nursing home, her son says that the home and its staff were aware of his mother's health issues and related medical care. Sadly, he believes that nursing home neglect contributed to a series of devastating infections and injuries that resulted in her death only days after arriving at the facility. Families in California who have witnessed similar wrongdoing can possibly benefit from observing how the victim's son handled the situation.

An ambulance first brought the 82-year-old woman to the nursing home on June 5, 2013. At the time, records indicate that she had both Alzheimer's and dementia, hypertension, aspiration pneumonia and a handful of other illnesses. Long-term care was necessary to help monitor her formula feedings that she received through a feeding tube.

The following day, one of the facility's nurses noted that the woman was pale and wheezing. It is claimed that, two hours later, the woman experienced a spike in blood pressure accompanied by a high fever, both symptoms of respiratory failure. However, the only action apparently taken was to elevate the patient's head, stop her feeding tube and administer oxygen. Less than an hour later, she was unresponsive and nurses phoned for an ambulance. When no ambulance arrived, staff realized that they had called for a transport vehicle rather than an emergency response ambulance through 911, and by the time she arrived at the hospital she was already in septic shock and suffering from renal failure.

On June 8, 2013, three days after being taken to the nursing home, the woman was dead. As a representative of his mother's estate, her son filed a lawsuit alleging nursing home neglect as well as wrongful death. Surviving family members of California victims who suffered from serious neglect resulting in a loss of life are usually the ones who ultimately seek legal recourse on behalf of their loved one's estate.

Source:, "Nursing home accused of negligence in woman's last hours", Dan Harkins, May 1, 2015

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