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June 2015 Archives

Could your birth control be a defective medical device?

Birth control is an important aspect of family planning and overall health for many women in California, but for some, one form of birth control could be putting them at significant risk. According the Food and Drug Administration, Bayer's popular form of birth control, Essure, might not be as safe as was previously believed, and could even potentially be a defective medical device. This investigation was spurred by numerous complaints concerning the side effects of Essure.

Injuries and wrongful death still occur from preventable errors

Feel safe when going under the knife? Patients typically place their trust solidly in the hands of an attending surgeon, but recent data reveals that this trust might be misplaced. Serious medical errors and accidents still occur at surprising rates in operating rooms across the country, resulting in serious injuries and even wrongful death of patients in California.

Suspected drunk driver kills rapper MC Supreme in car accident

Fans of music from the 1990s may be devastated to learn of what appears to be MC Supreme's untimely death. California police say that his vehicle was struck by a potential drunk driver, killing him in the process. Another person involved in the car accident was injured.

Nurse says doctors ignored symptoms, medical malpractice possible

When seeking help as patients, workers in the health care field are not immune to doctors and physicians ignoring their concerns. No matter a California patient's profession, no symptom should go ignored or undiagnosed. An out-of-state nurse was apparently the victim of multiple acts of medical malpractice when doctors continually ignored her worsening symptoms.

Victim awarded $100 million for defective medical device claim

Boston Scientific Corporation, the manufacturer of a popular transvaginal mesh insert, was ordered by a jury to shell out $100 million for serious defects in a product that injured a consumer. According to the details, the product was defective in its design, but the company chose to manufacture and distribute it in any event. California women who were injured because of this defective medical device may be encouraged by these findings to take action via a product liability claim.