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Could your birth control be a defective medical device?

Birth control is an important aspect of family planning and overall health for many women in California, but for some, one form of birth control could be putting them at significant risk. According the Food and Drug Administration, Bayer's popular form of birth control, Essure, might not be as safe as was previously believed, and could even potentially be a defective medical device. This investigation was spurred by numerous complaints concerning the side effects of Essure.

Essure, which the FDA approved in 2002, is cited by Bayer as being nearly 100 percent effective at preventing pregnancy. Additionally, Bayer also claims that it is the only option for permanent birth control that does not actually require a surgical procedure. Essure consists of a spiral device placed in the fallopian tubes and has been likened by some to tubal ligation.

Although the prospect of a permanent form of birth control without surgery can seem alluring, the reported side effects are quite serious. Many women have complained of strange fluctuations in their weight, headaches, heavy periods and significant pain in their abdominal muscles. Additionally, at least 11 deaths have been blamed on Essure, although none have been conclusively confirmed as being directly caused by it.

Recovering from an injury inflicted by a defective medical device can be a difficult and trying ordeal -- not just for women hurt by their birth control, but by virtually anyone who was wrongly harmed by a product that was intended to help. Although a civil suit is typically not what jumps to the front of victims' minds, it can be beneficial to consider the possible benefits of a product liability claim. Serious injuries often require extensive medical care and recovery time, both of which can be aptly addressed in California by any recourse recovered from a successfully navigated claim.

Source: Yahoo, "Permanent Birth Control Essure Under FDA Review for Reportedly Causing Pain, Depression, and Even Death", Amy Capetta, June 25, 2015

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