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Injuries and wrongful death still occur from preventable errors

Feel safe when going under the knife? Patients typically place their trust solidly in the hands of an attending surgeon, but recent data reveals that this trust might be misplaced. Serious medical errors and accidents still occur at surprising rates in operating rooms across the country, resulting in serious injuries and even wrongful death of patients in California.

Perhaps the most troubling type of surgical errors are those that are easily preventable. For example, operating on the correct body part might seem like a straightforward process without many opportunities to make mistakes. However, one out of every 100,000 surgeries require a patient to undergo at least one secondary surgery because the wrong body part was mistakenly operated on. Many of these events are blamed on ineffective communication between staff within the operating room, a problem that appears as though it could be easy to overcome.

Instances of surgical tools left behind in patients occur at an even higher rate -- approximately 1 per 10,000 operations. Medical sponges are used to soak up excess blood and fluids while surgeons operate, but they are a common item that is left behind and ends up sewn inside of patients. Foreign objects present a unique set of risks to patients, including causing infections and subsequent surgeries to remove the item.

These types of mistakes are referred to as never events within the medical community. Never, meaning that these types of mistakes should, theoretically, never occur, and yet California patients continue to become victims of these readily preventable errors. Wrongful death and catastrophic injuries are not uncommon outcomes of negligent acts of medical malpractice and are often most effectively compensated through the successful settlement of a medical malpractice suit.

Source: The Huffington Post, "This Is Why Horrific Surgical Mistakes Still Happen In The U.S.", Laura Geggel, June 15, 2015

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