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Nurse says doctors ignored symptoms, medical malpractice possible

When seeking help as patients, workers in the health care field are not immune to doctors and physicians ignoring their concerns. No matter a California patient's profession, no symptom should go ignored or undiagnosed. An out-of-state nurse was apparently the victim of multiple acts of medical malpractice when doctors continually ignored her worsening symptoms.

Because of her time spent working as an emergency room nurse, the 35-year-old victim understood how troubling the sudden onset of a localized headache, dizziness and nausea. When she initially sought help, a doctor ordered an MRI and blood test, but when both of the results appeared normal her symptoms were ignored. Instead, the doctor informed her that she was probably stressed and should try to relax a little more. Despite experiencing brief periods of right-eye blindness and other worsening symptoms, three different doctors gave her the same misdiagnosis -- stress.

When her symptoms resulted in her nearly fainting while caring for a patient she was finally admitted as a patient, where she underwent a spinal tap. Results appeared to indicate that there was mounting pressure underneath her skull, and so she was prescribed medication to help relieve it and told to follow up with a neurosurgeon. Sadly, the neurosurgeon allegedly told her that the medication would continue working, and that she had no real reason to worry.

Eventually, when her speech began to slur and she experienced drooping on the right half of her face, she sought help from a different hospital. Finally paired with a doctor who understood the seriousness of the matter, she underwent numerous tests until a diagnosis was reached. She was suffering from a disease called syringomyelia that cause cysts to develop on a person's spine and ultimately destroy it. The cysts on the victim's spine were visible in her very first MRI, but the attending doctor did actually recognize what they were at the time.

Syringomyelia requires prompt action to prevent related-deaths, and this nurse missed that opportune window of time when doctor after doctor refused to acknowledge and listen to her symptoms and concerns. While she spends her remaining days wheelchair bound, she is also acting as an advocate for victims of the same disease. When patients in California suffer from similar misdiagnoses, they often elect to take legal action against those deemed negligent through a medical malpractice claim.

Source:, "Dying ER Nurse Lashes Out At Dismissive Doctors Who Failed To Diagnose Fatal Disease 4 Times", Tara West, June 6, 2015

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