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July 2015 Archives

Nursing facility blamed for resident's apparent wrongful death

Nursing homes and other long-term care facilities in California typically cater to the needs of the elderly, but disabled and special needs individuals are sometimes best accommodated by the close and attentive care that is provided at these locations. Although it is not entirely clear what events led to a man becoming a resident at an out-of-state nursing home, his mother claims that the negligence by attending staff members ultimately led to the wrongful death of her son. In her suit against the home, she specifically cites at least one instance of the facility failing to adequately prevent acts of abuse.

Wrongful death might have been avoided with accurate diagnosis

For some California patients, seeking out an accurate diagnosis can be a journey that feels like it lasts a lifetime. For one young man's family, finally getting the right diagnosis actually did take that long. After 18 years misdiagnoses in what were possibly acts of medical malpractice, the 18-year-old young man ultimately succumbed to his illness in what might have been a wrongful death

Some medical malpractice could come down to communication skills

Despite years of general and specialized medical training, doctors continue to misdiagnose patients at a fairly surprising rate. California patients might be left wondering if all that training is actually enough to avoid instances of medical malpractice, and if not, what is missing? One expert believes he may know what critically important lesson is missing from doctor's educations -- communication skills.

Cyclist killed after suffering serious injuries in hit-and-run

A California neighborhood well-known for its high number of pedestrians and bicyclists became the scene of a terrifying hit-and-run accident. According to police, a suspected drunk driver hit a man riding a bicycle and then fled the scene, dragging the man for some time. Ultimately, the victim succumbed to the serious injuries that he suffered in the accident.