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Nursing facility blamed for resident's apparent wrongful death

Nursing homes and other long-term care facilities in California typically cater to the needs of the elderly, but disabled and special needs individuals are sometimes best accommodated by the close and attentive care that is provided at these locations. Although it is not entirely clear what events led to a man becoming a resident at an out-of-state nursing home, his mother claims that the negligence by attending staff members ultimately led to the wrongful death of her son. In her suit against the home, she specifically cites at least one instance of the facility failing to adequately prevent acts of abuse.

In 2014, the man was a resident in a skilled nursing care facility. At the facility, he shared his room with another man who, according to his mother, was apparently not an appropriate fit. In May 2014, his roommate allegedly assaulted him, although it is unclear what -- if anything -- led up to the brutal attack.

The assault left him with significant trauma from a blunt head injury. According to the suit against the facility, the head trauma led to a coma, and in June 2014, the victim died. The victim's mother believes that the apparent wrongful death of her son could have been prevented if the facility had rendered the adequate and necessary care that it was supposed to provide.

As for the facility's specific failures, the suit claims that that premises were understaffed and that residents were inadequately screened. The failure to properly screen potential residents possibly contributed to the inappropriate roommate placement that led to the assault and wrongful death. Families in California expect that care facilities will implement all of the necessary safety precautions to ensure that residents are in the safest environment possible, and any failure to do so can result in legal action by the victim's surviving family members.

Source:, "Mother alleges nursing home negligence led to son's death", Carol Ostrow, July 23, 2015

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