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August 2015 Archives

Pregnant woman's death subject of medical malpractice suit

A timely diagnosis is key to treating a wide variety of diseases and illnesses. For especially vulnerable patients in California -- such as children, the elderly and pregnant women -- a failure to diagnose a serious health concern can prove to be fatal. The family of an out-of-state woman who died from preeclampsia complications filed a medical malpractice suit for the attending doctor's apparent failure to diagnose the serious condition.

Former employee facing criminal charges for nursing home neglect

A woman tasked with the care and treatment of elderly residents now faces criminal charges for allegedly doing the exact opposite. While troubling, these types of nursing home neglect allegations are not unique or uncommon in California. For those who have no choice but to seek outside care for an elderly loved one, this news can be especially upsetting.

Car accident kills 1 woman, shuts down highway

A California highway was shut down for several hours following the death of a local driver. What initially began as a single-vehicle wreck resulted in tragedy when a possible drunk driver caused a secondary accident that contributed to the extensive back-up on the highway. Police ultimately arrested the driver who caused the second car accident on drunk driving charges.

FDA warns of security flaw in defective medical device

As more and more health care technology begins to integrate with various online interfaces, some experts warn that California patients could be more at risk than ever. Hackings and cyberattacks can turn otherwise viable tools into a defective medical device, compromising the safety and security of patients who rely on them. Even the FDA has released a statement concerning a specific device that might be exceptionally prone to hacking attempts.

Even highly rated doctors commit medical malpractice

Online ratings and reviews can be invaluable tools for consumers searching for anything from a good place for dinner to hiring a personal contractor for home renovations. However, just how accurately do some of those ratings reflect real life? Some California doctors might receive glowing reviews on the Internet, but upon closer inspection at real life outcomes, instances of medical malpractice can be startlingly high.