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Former employee facing criminal charges for nursing home neglect

A woman tasked with the care and treatment of elderly residents now faces criminal charges for allegedly doing the exact opposite. While troubling, these types of nursing home neglect allegations are not unique or uncommon in California. For those who have no choice but to seek outside care for an elderly loved one, this news can be especially upsetting.

While employed as a nurse at a residential nursing care facility, the woman apparently administered the wrong medication to one of the patients. Although the patient was supposed to receive cough medicine, the nurse somehow accidentally gave her a narcotic pain reliever. Because of the size of the dose, the patient suffered from an overdose, but the nurse supposedly failed to reach out for help.

According to authorities, the nurse failed to alert any of the other nursing home staff of her mistake. Ultimately, she was criminally charged for manipulating the patient's records to make it look as though the correct medicine had been administered all along. The mistake was not apparent until another nurse discovered the resident in a debilitating condition and had her rushed to the hospital for treatment.

The criminal charges stem from the alleged deliberate attempt to conceal the mistake rather than address it head on. Police point to the victim's near-death experience and long-lasting effects of the overdose as part of the evidence used to substantiate the felony charge for nursing home neglect. When seeking justice for a neglected or abused loved one in California, families may be able to utilize the same evidence that police gather to help secure the most favorable civil suit outcome possible.

Source:, "Fmr. Chilton Co. nurse arrested on abuse, neglect of patient charge", Aug. 19, 2015

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