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September 2015 Archives

Elderly driver causes fatal car accident inside of gym

Tragedy struck a California-area gym when, according to police, an elderly driver could no longer remember which pedal was used to accelerate and which pedal was for braking. This confusion resulted in a terrible car accident that caused multiple injuries and one fatality. Although the driver has not yet been charged with any criminal offense, the possibility has not been ruled out pending the further investigation.

Defective medical device blamed for permanent injury

There is little doubt that medical devices have made the world of health care a much safer and more successful place. While these advances have been incredibly worthwhile, when defects are allowed to sneak past regulatory agencies and affect consumers and patients in California, the outcome can be troublesome. Certain injuries caused by a defective medical device can even lead to lifelong complications.

Company might have known about defective medical device

There is little denying the serious danger that blood clots pose, and people who suffer from conditions that make them especially prone to developing clots typically require specialized care. When a blood-clot filter was approved by the Food and Drug Administration, there appeared to be some hope on the horizon for chronic blood clot sufferers. Unfortunately, the filter was not without flaws, and as a possible defective medical device, it put the lives of thousands of people in California and across the country at risk.

California death blamed on nursing home neglect

When a loved one's condition necessitates his or her taking up residence in a nursing home or assisted care facility, a California resident, as those in all other states, has the right to reasonably assume that his or her family member will be cared for according to the highest levels of safety standards and professionalism. When nursing home neglect leads to a resident's injury, illness or death, immediate family members have recourse through the law by filing legal claims in court. In a recent case, a man's death is being blamed on substandard care in the nursing home where he resided.