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Couple file product liability suit after wife suffers injuries

American Medical System Inc. has been accused of manufacturing and distributing products that are dangerous and defective. At least one defective medical device has been specifically cited in a product liability suit filed against the company. The suit, which was filed outside of California by a wife and her husband, seeks compensation for damages related to the alleged defective product.

Back in 2011, the wife underwent a procedure to help address urinary incontinence. The Monarc Mid Urethal Sling was supposed to help with the incontinence and protect her from experiencing pelvic organ prolapse. According to the lawsuit, the AMS urethal sling ultimately did more harm than good.

The device allegedly began to erode while it was still implanted in her body. This deterioration resulted in a variety of injuries, both physical and mental, and put added strain on her health and well-being. One of the noted damages was her inability to engage in the type of physical relations that she and her husband had previously enjoyed, which represents a significant loss of companionship.

Patients who require the help of medical products and tools must trust that the manufacturers designed and distributed a safe and reliable products. The sad reality is that many companies ignore and attempt to hide serious flaws in their products that ultimately go on to harm consumers. However, even if a company was initially unaware of any flaws in its products, it can still be held legally responsible for any harm or injury suffered by an unwitting consumer. When patients in California are harmed by a defective medical device, one of the most effective strategies for recovering recourse related to those damages is to effectively navigate a product liability claim.

Source:, "Patient claims defective device was used during surgery", Brandon Caples, Sept. 29, 2015

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