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Don't suffer through nursing home neglect, we can help

Neglect of elders in a nursing home is often discussed under a single, sweeping umbrella, but this type of abuse can manifest in any number of ways. Even highly praised nursing homes in California can be the setting for terrible nursing home neglect. Unfortunately, by the time that a family is made aware of the situation, the damage has already been done.

Bedridden nursing home residents are particularly at risk for neglect, and inadequate transportation or turning can lead to painful and embarrassing afflictions. Bedsores are a common result of neglect against a resident who is unable to get out of bed by him or herself, although improper hygiene care is also a troubling issue. This puts bedridden individuals at a higher risk of contracting dangerous infections, many of which pose a serious threat to the elderly.

Neglect can occur to anyone in a nursing home, not just to those who are unable to leave their beds. Even residents who can walk and shower by themselves can be subjected to inadequate care or medication errors, especially if doctors or staff refuse to take their symptoms seriously. This type of neglect and abuse can lead to dangerous outcomes for residents.

Most California families struggle with the idea of placing a loved in the care of a nursing home facility, but it is often one of the only viable options available, especially when specialized care is needed. Nursing home neglect is not only physically and emotionally damaging to the victim, but it can also be devastating to a family hesitant to move forward with that decision in the first place. While we know that no amount of compensation could ever erase the scars of undergoing such abuse, we remain committed to helping victims and their families achieve legal recourse in order to move forward with their lives.

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