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Experts claim cholesterol-lowering statin is defective drug

High cholesterol is a serious concern for any number of California patients, a worry that is shared by the millions of other people across the country who take cholesterol-lowering medication. Statin drugs are the most commonly prescribed drug for high cholesterol. However, just how safe are these drugs in the long term? Some experts cite new evidence that cholesterol-lowering statins actually create an increased risk of dying from a heart attack, the exact opposite of what the drugs are intended to do. It is not yet clear if pharmaceutical companies that produce these medications will have to face any product liability claims for manufacturing an apparent defective drug.

Maintaining a healthy cholesterol level is an important aspect of overall health care and management as excessive cholesterol can lead to strokes and heart attacks. Many patients with high cholesterol are prescribed statins that, while effective at lowering cholesterol, are still not necessarily safe. For patients who do go on to have heart attacks even after taking the medication, their potential for surviving the ordeal is drastically decreased.

One group of researchers found that Lipitor -- a popular statin drug -- caused additional health problems. Out of all patients who took the drug for a period of at least six months, a whopping 66 percent began to suffer from heart problems. Most of the problems that developed were similar to those that eventually result in heart failure. Another expert points out that statins have never actually been proven to effectively prevent heart attacks in anyone.

Approximately 28 percent of all adults in the United States are currently on some type of statin drug that is meant to lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart attack, and yet the evidence to back up this high rate of use does not appear to be there. When a defective drug puts California patients at an increased risk for serious or even fatal complications, the pharmaceutical company may be held responsible for the role it played in harming otherwise innocent people. This is most often accomplished through a product liability claim that, when successful, can achieve necessary and just compensation for victims and their families.

Source:, "Statins Raise Death Risk Astronomically After Heart Attacks: Top Doc", Sylvia Booth Hubbard, Oct. 15, 2015

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