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December 2015 Archives

Multiple women claim defective medical device left them injured

No treatment or procedure is without risks or possible side effects, but these effects are inherently different from the devastating injuries caused by a defective or dangerous product. In order to minimize the risks associated with necessary or routine treatments, all devices and tools involved must be effective and free from any dangerous defects that could ultimately cause more harm than good to patients in California. An alleged defective medical device was recently blamed for serious and life-long injuries in a product liability suit filed by two different women.

Online video reportedly depicts nursing home neglect

Physical and medical care are only two of the many important services that nursing homes and other long-term residential facilities provide. Most elderly residents also require the emotional care and support of staff in order to maintain the best level of health possible while also enjoying their last years. In some instances, ignoring the emotional needs of a patient can constitute nursing home neglect.

Infection rates and medical malpractice in California

California families who have suffered the untimely death of a loved one in a hospital-related incident understand the gravity of the hospital negligence issue. When medical malpractice causes injury, illness or death to someone who has been entrusted to a hospital's care, the consequences are often devastating. Many patients have died in situations that were entirely avoidable due to medical error or failure to adhere to patient safety protocol.

Medical malpractice suit claims careless pacemaker implantation

Medical devices that are implanted in a patient's body are sometimes the subject of serious complications, severe injuries and even death. Where negligence of one or more medical providers is involved in causing serious injuries or death, a claim for medical malpractice may be successful. The negligence principles that govern such cases are generally the same in California and in all other states.

31-year-old passenger dies in Route 52 car accident

Traveling as a passenger in another driver's vehicle will always be a risk. A California resident died in a recent car accident when he was a passenger in the pickup truck of a driver who lost control of his vehicle. The California Highway Patrol reported that the single-vehicle crash occurred on state Route 52 in the early morning of Dec. 1.