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Multiple women claim defective medical device left them injured

No treatment or procedure is without risks or possible side effects, but these effects are inherently different from the devastating injuries caused by a defective or dangerous product. In order to minimize the risks associated with necessary or routine treatments, all devices and tools involved must be effective and free from any dangerous defects that could ultimately cause more harm than good to patients in California. An alleged defective medical device was recently blamed for serious and life-long injuries in a product liability suit filed by two different women.

The device at the center of these claims is a pelvic hammock manufactured by American Medical Systems. Each woman had the mesh pelvic hammock inserted prior to experiencing multiple difficult and uncomfortable injuries associated with the device. In the suit, they each claim to have suffered injuries that are permanent and resulted in an inability to enjoy an otherwise normal life. Their income has also been adversely affected, they allege, on top of the additional medical debt that each woman must now shoulder because of the related injuries. The husband of one of the women joined in the lawsuit and claims that his wife's injuries has caused a loss of consortium.

So how exactly did a medical device lead to such claims? Apparently, the mesh hammock tends to shrink and change its size, leading to tissue damage in the surrounding area. As the device changes size, it can also deform, elongate and even degrade. All of these supposed defects not only caused tissue damage, but also resulted in chronic inflammation, which both of the women who filed suit fingered as the source of their severe pain.

Virtually no patient in California expects their medical treatment to become a source of pain and agony rather than health and healing, but the unfortunate reality is that a single defective medical device can be enough to completely overturn any number of people's lives. Big companies and manufacturers can often seem out of reach of justice and beyond the grasp of the law, but victims who have been injured by dangerous and defective products still have the power to achieve necessary compensation by pursuing a product liability claim filed against the company. For those who have successfully navigated these types of claims to completion, the resulting legal recourse often becomes an invaluable tool toward reaching the best recovery possible.

Source:, "Patients allege injuries from defective pelvic device", Molly English-Bowers, Dec. 16, 2015

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