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January 2016 Archives

Nursing home neglect charges filed, worker pleads not guilty

Allegations of abuse or neglect in California nursing homes typically prompt criminal investigations by authorities. When the allegations are determined to be viable enough to pursue further action, criminal charges may be filed. An out-of-state nursing home employee recently pleaded not guilty to charges of endangering a physically disabled person's welfare, a serious crime that involves nursing home neglect.

Medical malpractice suit successfully navigated by terminal nurse

Workers in the world of health care typically understand the importance of taking a proactive stance towards health and wellness, leading many medical professionals in California to undergo routine or early screenings for serious diseases such as cancer or diabetes. Unfortunately, those proactive steps did not do much to protect a nurse when early signs of her cancer were dismissed. After being given a terminal diagnosis, she filed a medical malpractice suit against the doctor who failed to correctly diagnose her.

Boston Scientific accused of producing defective medical device

Profits typically drive growth and sustainability for businesses, and it is understandable that many companies keep an eye on the bottom line in order to stay afloat. Unfortunately, some businesses in California take extreme and even dangerous measures in order to maximize profits, putting consumers at risk in the process. Boston Scientific was recently named in a racketeering law suit for putting an unprecedented number of individuals who used its defective medical device in danger.

Fatal car accident sends 3 to hospital in critical condition

California police say the man who caused a recent tragic car wreck was killed in the incident. The car accident left three others with serious injuries, all of whom required hospitalization; they were all listed in critical condition. It is not yet known if any alcohol or illegal substances might have played a role in the accident or whether the driver was simply negligent.

Medical malpractice for misdiagnosed tick disease could rise

Securing the correct diagnosis in as timely a manner as possible is part of the key to reaching a successful recovery. California patients rely on doctors to make a fair and accurate assessment of all symptoms before reaching a conclusion concerning their diagnosis, but this is not always the reality which patients confront. Overlooking obvious symptoms or ignoring relevant information can help fuel misdiagnoses and constitute medical malpractice.