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Boston Scientific accused of producing defective medical device

Profits typically drive growth and sustainability for businesses, and it is understandable that many companies keep an eye on the bottom line in order to stay afloat. Unfortunately, some businesses in California take extreme and even dangerous measures in order to maximize profits, putting consumers at risk in the process. Boston Scientific was recently named in a racketeering law suit for putting an unprecedented number of individuals who used its defective medical device in danger.

The basis for the class-action suit is the Racketeering and Corrupt Organizations -- RICO -- Act. According to the suit, Boston Scientific knowingly used counterfeit resin in the production of its surgical vaginal mesh product, Marlex. The counterfeit resin was produced in China. Boston Scientific allegedly went to significant measures to conceal its activity and to avoid raising any suspicion with either Chinese or American authorities. The suit likened the company's activities to that of a drug dealer smuggling products.

The impact of the counterfeit resin is apparently profound, with thousands upon thousands of claims and lawsuits that have been filed since the product's FDA clearance in 2002. Women often report injuries related to urinating, intercourse, general pain and serious infections. Perhaps one of the more disturbing aspects of the class-action suit's claim is that Boston Scientific apparently continued to smuggle untested and unverified counterfeit resin, even as these adverse effects were reported.

The FDA has since reclassified the device, labeling it as an extremely high-risk product for patients. It is not clear exactly how much longer this seemingly defective medical device will remain on the market and available for use. In the meantime, patients in California who have been seriously injured by the device might still be facing considerable recovery time and continued medical treatment for the damages that they have sustained. Lawsuits such as this against Boston Scientific are often one of the best actions to take in order to achieve necessary compensation and, perhaps just as importantly, a sense of justice.

Source:, "Boston Scientific used counterfeit resin from Chinese supplier to make vaginal meshes, lawsuit alleges", Norbert Sparrow, Jan. 15, 2016

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