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Fatal car accident sends 3 to hospital in critical condition

California police say the man who caused a recent tragic car wreck was killed in the incident. The car accident left three others with serious injuries, all of whom required hospitalization; they were all listed in critical condition. It is not yet known if any alcohol or illegal substances might have played a role in the accident or whether the driver was simply negligent.

Just prior to the wreck, police say that the driver who caused the wreck was driving at a speed which was over the legal posted limit, although his exact rate of speed was not noted. While heading south, he attempted to make a left turn in front of an oncoming driver who was northbound. However, he did not have enough time to complete the turn, and the oncoming vehicle was unable to stop before the two collided.

The driver who caused the wreck apparently died while still at the scene and not at a secondary location. The other vehicle's driver managed to survive the wreck despite being thrown at least partially from the vehicle. Both passengers were still secured within the vehicles after the wreck, although all three still suffered injuries.

No matter its cause, a devastating car accident such as this can flip victims' lives upside down. Victims who have suffered serious injuries in wrecks may benefit from compensation for their injuries, but many may feel confused as to how to proceed when the liable driver did not survive the accident. In such instances, California law still permits personal injury suits to be filed, although the claim would be made against the person's estate.

Source: NBC Los Angeles, "One Killed, Three Critically Injured in Boyle Heights Car Crash", Kevin Labeach and Corey Arvin, Jan. 7, 2016

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